Privacy Policy

  1. Personal Information: RRB Homes collects personal information from customers, such as name, email address, phone number, and address. This information is collected to help provide better services and communicate with customers.

  2. Use of Personal Information: The personal information collected by RRB Homes may be used to communicate with customers regarding property inquiries, offers, and updates. RRB Homes may also use this information to personalize the customer's experience on the website.

  3. Protection of Personal Information: RRB Homes takes the protection of personal information seriously and implements security measures to safeguard it. Only authorized personnel have access to this information.

  4. Third-Party Disclosure: RRB Homes may disclose personal information to third-party service providers to assist in providing services, such as property inspections or legal services. RRB Homes will only disclose the necessary information to these providers and ensure that they adhere to privacy policies.

  5. Cookies: RRB Homes uses cookies to enhance the customer's experience on the website. These cookies may be used to store information about the customer's preferences or login information.

  6. Opt-Out: Customers may choose to opt-out of communications from RRB Homes at any time. They may also request to have their personal information deleted or modified.